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What I really meant to say.

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Here, I'll mainly talk about Christianity. I may brush up on what I think of other religions as I learn more about them.

Here, I'll mainly talk about Christianity. I may brush up on what I think of other religions as I learn more about them.

Well, if you don't know me (and most of you probably don't) you might know that I'm agnostic. I don't proclaim atheism but I don't quite believe in Christianity either.
For those of you who don't know, agnostic is defined as 
  • One who believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a God.
  • One who is skeptical about the existence of God but does not profess true atheism

    Religion. Christ. He was born as a man right? By a virgin so says the Bible. It was something amazing back then because it couldn't happen. A virgin gave birth to a boy when she was young. How do they/we know that it was a virgin birth? We have the testimony of a young girl who, in her society, wasn't allowed to have sex until married. Maybe she wasn't a virgin. Maybe she got pregnant by him. Maybe she claimed she saw an angel who told her she was carrying 'god's' child to protect herself. Perhaps she was afraid to tell the truth. She would have been shunned. In fact, when Joseph found out she was pregnant, didn't he shun her for a while until an 'angel of the Lord' spoke to him? Perhaps he didn't want to shun her but he did because of their society. Maybe he loved her and wanted to marry her regardless. So he made up a story about an angel visiting him that matched Mary's story. Tada. Possible explanation of the virgin birth.

    Alright, baby Jesus. Bible says that he just knew and that he never cried as a baby. But, who wrote the chapter where it states that baby Jesus never cried? I can tell you this much, it wasn't Mary or Joseph. They were the only people there that could have known whether or not he cried at birth. And I'm pretty sure that even back then, oxen and sheep couldn't write. Yeah sure, maybe the inn keeper heard that the baby didn't cry. Guess what. He didn't write it either. They say 'Oh, well God told them that baby Jesus didn't cry so they wrote it down!' Well what if? What if they wanted to make this guy out to be perfect so everyone would glorify them for being in his presence? Maybe he did sin, maybe he did cry as a baby, maybe maybe maybe. Too many variables.

    Never sinning. Yeah sure. Maybe he didn't sin. Maybe, since he was told that he was the Son of God all his life to hide his mother's mistake, he believed that he was. I don't have a term for it but it's a psychological condition. God speaking to him. That's a psychological disease as well. Maybe Jesus was just a normal man with some mental problems. Maybe he was God's Son. Can't tell for sure. Not enough proof.

    Rising from the dead. Curtain in the church ripping. Storm brewing as he died. Okay, yeah. That would be something miraculous. But, have you ever read a story that ended with a horrible ending and you made up one in your mind or wrote a fanfic to where you fixed the end to your liking? Hey, Jesus was supposed to come back in three days. Maybe he didn't come back. One day, two day, three day. No Jesus. Wouldn't the prophets rig the story to make themselves sound right? Yeah, they probably would. I know I would. You probably would too. It's human nature to fear being wrong. The prophets were no better than normal people.

    Anyway, those are mainly my thoughts on religion, Christianity mainly. But something I want you to notice before I close is that, after Christianity came into play, there were never any female dieties or goddesses or religious figures. There were before. But not after. Something to think about.

  • And that's what I really meant to say.