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What I really meant to say.

Goth Stereotypes

Goth Stereotypes
Schizophrenic Words

Jesus Christ, people. Enough of the stereotypes.

December 6, 2005

What is Goth?
Goth is a style of music. A Goth as in a person is a person who frequently listens to such music. That's all.
What isn't a Goth is what I'm trying to show you. There are many "myths" surrounding the Gothic subculture. Some of these myths include the following.
  • Goths are always depressed.
  • Goths are homicidal.
  • Goths are Satanist.
  • Goths only dress in black.
  • Goths are always angry and violent.
  • Goths think they are all vampires.
  • Goths practice witchcraft.

First, Goths are always depressed. This is the first one that must be shot down. All Goths are not always depressed. Many of them act depressed to fit you people's stereotypes or to get attention but some of the happiest people I know are Goths. Saying so, even the happiest people on the planet get depressed every now and then. Goths are not depressed 24/7, even if they're just acting it. No one can be that sad all the time. Let this stereotype be gone.

Secondly, Goths are homicidal. Oh em gee! They're Goth! They must want to kill us and rape our women! Quickly! Predjustice attack! For crying out loud people! Who isn't homicidal at least once in their life? There's a one in a hundred chance that any Goth I know is going to become the next major serial killer. Everyone gets upset. So what? We're not going to kill you. Get over it.

Third, Goths are Satanist? What the hell? Goths choose many different religions. These religions can vary from Jewish to Buddist or -- gods forbid -- even Christian! Sure, a lot of Goths I know wear a freaking pentagram. That's not a sign of Satan, okay? It's an accessory, alright? A lot of them have the number "666" in some sort of screenname online. It's not a Satanist thing. It's a freaking number people. A lot of Goths have "happy_yellow_chick_lol" or something as their Yahoo screenname. I know a lot of them like that. They are not any more Satanist than you are David Lee Roth, okay?

Goths only wear black? This brings me to the fourth stereotype that needs to be abolished. I like the color black. I wear the color black a lot. Doesn't make me Goth. I've met a lot of people wearing neon yellow t-shirts and blue jeans with white tennis shoes who are Goth. Color is color, people. A lot of Goths do like the color black, yes. A lot of them do wear black a lot. But not all the time! Let's -please- get rid of this myth.

Goths are always angry and violent. False yet again, society. Goths are people too. They have emotions. They can express them. Just because some Goths express violent tendencies doesn't mean they all do. Hell, -I- have violent tendencies but that doesn't make me Goth. This myth needs to be gone quite swiftly.

Vampire books. Yes. They are awesome. Anne Rice is a literary genius and a lot of people - Goths included - read her vampire books. A lot of Goths will go during Halloween as a vampire. Children aspire to be Dracula for Halloween at the age of 3 sometimes. Are your children Goth? I don't think so. Goths do not pretend they are vampires. Some people who are Goth might be suffering from some psychological disease in which they think they are something they're not. But no Goth I know goes around sucking people's blood, okay? Not all Goths love to hang out in cemetaries and not a lot of Goths hate the sunlight. The vampire myth is one that is ridiculous and extremely sad to even -have- to mention it.

Finally, Goths. Practice. Witchcraft. Witchcraft is a fun thing to do when you're bored. Put candles in this cool looking circle, do a little chant and then go on with life. It's a time killer for a lot of people. I personally don't believe in magic so this is just what I would practice witchcraft for. Pendelums are fun to play with. People like to think that they can know what their future is. Goths and many other groups of people read Tarot cards and palms and things because they like to pry into people's fears. Some do it just for fun. JUST FOR FUN!!! If you've ever played a sport for fun, then should you be labeled Goth? No. You're not. So stop the nonsense.

In conclusion, Goths are just fans of the Goth Rock genre of music. Stop labeling us.

And that's what I really meant to say.